E p i s o d i the one
A world ...Five continents ...Puzzles ...Dangers ...There are many mysteries to be revealed ...And an unknown treasure for humanity ...
A local arid and monotonous, wrapped in fog.In the background, seen from basalt monoliths from the mist, which are actually the huge dolmens of Stonehenge (England). You can not tell if it's day or night, the very light gray mist appears.One hears winds, distant.
- Shadow?
From another angle, we see that the Westy and Radar (his faithful dog) are in the midst of desolation, looking not scared, more is not enjoying being there.
A SHADOW- Westy, I'm here.
Westy turns around in time to see a ray laiser achieve a monolith. He split from one side to another, revealing the "shadows" in the middle will gray mist. One of them fixes his eyes on Westy.
A SHADOW- You're an idiot, Westy.
Westy raises an eyebrow and smiles politely, but does not respond.
A SHADOW- You're doomed for knowing too much. Here was his last stop, already hurt us a lot. In the book delivered encrypted.
- No. You will not succeed and have the book or encoded.Westy gestures to radar, then smiled slyly, as if an idea had just occurred to him.
A SHADOW- Well then ... maybe the boss wants to do some tests with you.
Westy takes the chance, book exchange and playing encoded for radar fleeing, Westy shows prudence.
A SHADOW- Let's capture on!
Westy capture the shadows and take the fake book.
A SHADOW- Where is the book true?
Westy smiled discreetly.
A SHADOW- The dog!
- Give up the book should already encoded in the hands of my children. And if they succeed, they will find the lost treasure.
Radar runs encoded with the book there is a good distance from the site.
A SHADOW- Let's see how brave they are ...
- And what if they fail ... lose?
The shade raises his fist snapping his fingers. Surge your ship.
A SHADOW- Everything. You. .. And lives.
Westy lowers his head and staring at the ground scared.Westy
- I count on you ...
Before:Westy Sato, a researcher who decided to travel the world after the death of his wife, caused by a rare disease. Ian left behind with eleven and eight years with Natalie's aunt, and left the world to learn a bit of everything, because he felt unable to help his wife, became thus a hunter "KNOWLEDGE".Two years later returns to visit them, Ian now thirteen, is with Aunt Natalie and ten, his father decides to follow the journey. Were seven years apart with little contact.

CUT TO:JAPAN - DAY - (College Zard)(Months later)Natalie comes to the College with your dog Zard radar and mysterious book with a black cover (coded book). Eric, Maia and Billy talking at the entrance.
BOYS- The proof will be tricky! (Etc. ..)It is!
Natalie approaches, advancing slowly, side by side is just the kids who are strangers.
ERIC- You newcomer here ... Never seen you around here.
Natalie smiled quietly to Eric. What turns red.
NATALIE- I am looking for a person!

BILLY- Who? Studying here?
Natalie smiled for a moment
NATALIE- Yes! My brother ...
A good distance away Natalie see Ian.
NATALIE- Ian ...?!!
While Natalie vai their meeting, one of the boys gets open mouth admiring the beauty of Natalie.
ERIC- .... Linda!
Natalie and admires for his brother, who realizes and goes to meet him.
IAN- Natalie! How long does my sister.
The two brothers embrace strong. The book drops encoded. Ian strange moves away, down to the ground and grabs the book.
IAN- This is the book that our father used to make your notes.
Natalie stares at the floor and says nothing.
IAN- What happened to him?
Ian staring at the book in his hands trembling.
NATALIE- I do not know. The only thing I know is that radar brought me the book, I spent those months trying to decipher the book, but did not get much.

Seeing the anxiety and impatience brother holds his hand to reassure him.
NATALIE- So I came to ask you to help find him.

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